Our project, “Our Brexit Testimonies”, started out on Facebook as a not-for-profit initiative to collect the true stories of EU citizens living in the UK since the referendum in order to publish them as a book.

The book

In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU citizens in the UK, is now published and available on Amazon and The Book Depository in the UK and internationally. It is also available as an eBook on Amazon. All proceedings will go to help EU citizens’ rights.

Both the book/eBook and this blog are intended as a means to give a voice primarily to some of the millions of EU citizens living in Britain, but also to some of the Brits (with EU families) in the UK and Brits in the EU, all of whom are now facing an uncertain and insecure future. We intend the book and the blog to become a primary source for those who want to understand the human landscape of Brexit Britain.

We really believe that if we put all our voices together we can make a hell of a lot of noise and show the world what the true human cost of Brexit is. This is our only chance to reverse the current tide.

The blog

This blog is an open platform which anyone can view. Please remember it when you post anything on it. Its first objective is to be a continuation of the book, which it is meant to support and publicize. But it will also become fully interactive in the autumn.

In October, we will open it fully to testimonies from new contributors (you?). If you want to submit your story now, please send it to our group’s email address. We are really looking forward to reading and publishing you.

We are interested in your experience, such as

  • Issues with job, mortgage applications, private lettings, etc.
  • Emotional cost of Brexit on you and/or your loved ones.
  • Abuse and xenophobia on the part of friends, relatives, colleagues, at school, on the street, etc.
  • Problems with family and friends, in-laws, marital rifts, etc.
  • Trouble with PR applications, rejection, not qualifying due to lack of CSI.
  • Applying for citizenship: difficulties financing the application, the good character requirement, what if your country doesn’t allow dual citizenship, sponsoring family members and British citizenship, etc.
  • Benefits denied, suspended or reduced. JSA/ESA/IS/HB, disability benefits, etc. The genuine prospect of work and your right to reside according to the DWP.
  • Studying in the UK after Brexit.
  • Younger EU nationals who worry about their futures.

We hope you will find our blog, on top of having a really important mission, to be a supportive and nurturing space. We expect all our contributors to behave in a respectful and civil manner.

Thank you for your visit and/or your contribution and do watch this space as our #InLimbo journey develops.

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