A French EU Citizen’s Story (2)

Anonymous, France


In September 1987 I came to London to work as a Language Assistant. I immediately liked the ancestral land of my mother’s lineage (being Breton, my mother’s family came from here many centuries ago).  They were Celts persecuted by Angles, Saxons, Danes and Jutes – my people already persecuted here so long before I was born. I think I’m starting to understand now a few decades after my arrival why my maternal ancestors left. This land episodically has a xenophobic phase.

I originally wanted to stay just one year to perfect my command of English but, being a perfectionist, thirty years later I’m still here! I became a language teacher, then a translator, and finally a conference interpreter. I fell in love with an English man, stayed with him for eighteen years, then decided to leave the nest, and started from scratch again. I do love a challenge.

At the moment, I’ve only got one passport but now I want two – I’m greedy, you see! I’ve got no intention of leaving, unless I’m deported with an order to leave the country on a technicality. Should it happen, I shall use my writing skills to publish a book about it in two versions: one English and one French, and make money out of it so that I have seed money to sue the Home Office with an European Court of Human Rights claim.

I’ve not suffered any abuse yet – I might go ballistic if it happens. Unfortunately, I mostly go undetected when I speak in English. I’ve done my best to speak loudly in French with a few friends but have not had any xenophobic takers yet. I love this country, but not the few backward minded individuals who are very vocal at the moment. I remain positive that I’ll get my second passport and that things will improve – they can’t go worse right now. I’m proud to be a European, and once I’m British (provided I’m not considered a danger to the Crown because of this little post 😉 and provided my application is accepted!), I intend to vote and do my best to support Pro-European parties and lobby groups because I strongly believe it is in the best interest of my lovely ancestral country to rejoin the EU after this little Brexit experiment. I’m staying put!

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